A wind turbine for a home can be fun. These wind turbines are not typically meant for the cities but for the rural areas. Before investing in a wind turbine for a home, first do a … More

Future Savings

Future Savings

As the world becomes more competitive it’s important to understand what positive impacts Wind power can have. Just as other investments in your life, paying yourself or your … More

VT 10 retrofit 100 ft.monopole


Educational aspects from having the VT10 at your school can be priceless. With the ability to gather and analyze data this turbine can give your students an advantage when it comes … More


Green Energy

Wind is created by the sun’s uneven heating of the earth’s atmosphere and the rotation of the earth. Moving wind turns the blades and generator of a wind turbine which makes … More



Things can change rapidly for the farmer and Ventera Wind understands that. Our wind turbine is built with stability in mind. With all the advantages of wind and without the annual … More


Energy Independence

Run Your Electric Meter Backwards! It doesn’t get any simpler than this. This new concept in generating your own renewable energy performs much like any large electrical … More


Off the Grid

“ I have been off the grid for two consecutive months now. Has been a 5 year dream of mine, I finally achieved it.” D. Ostrander, Iowa … More

Good Performance

“When I went back and looked at the Ventera, the biggest thing I was considering was the payback.  Our turbine produced nearly 5,500 kilowatts in the … More

Cut Electricity Bills

“My Ventera Wind turbine has cut the electricity bills on the farm by sixty percent.” E. Gray, Saskatchewan.   … More